Wataru Mizoguchi (Japanese 溝口渉 Mizoguchi Wataru) is one of the characters of ''Cheer Boys!!'' series by Ryō Asai. He is a first-year business student in university and is a member of the male cheerleading club, Breakers.

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Wataru has an eccentric and slightly awkward personality, although he doesn't seem to realize this. He also is rather courageous as he doesn't seem to care about what other think about him or his actions. He is fond of quoting other people, and uses this to try to communicate with others.

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  • Other notable characters Wataru's seiyū, Tomokazu Sugita, has voiced include Tadaomi Karasuma from Assassination Classroom, Akumatsu from Mr Osumatsu and Atsushi Maeda from Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto.

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