This episode guide will feature all 13 episodes that have aired in this series.

Episode Guide Edit

Number Title Airdate
1 "The Curtain Rises" July 5, 2016
Episode 1
Due to his injured shoulder, Haruki decides to quit the judo club. Kazuma joins him, and they then discuss their plans in college together, which eventually leads to the formation of an all-male cheerleading team in order to commemorate Kazuma's parents. Haruki is still hesitant at this point, but when they watch a cheerleading competition with their first recruit, Wataru, it sparks his interest in the sport.
2 "Your First Cheerleader Smile" July 12, 2016
Episode 2
The newly-formed Men's Cheerleading Club meets up with a stocky recruit and attempts to pull away two promising candidates from the Tennis Club.
3 "The Seventh Squirrelurai" July 19, 2016
Episode 3
The members try their hardest to recruit a seventh member in order for the club to be made official. This person is Shō, a talented man who has had past experience with cheerleading. In order to persuade him to join the club, all the members vow to learn a move in a week's time to prove their dedication.
4 "What We Want To Break" July 26, 2016
Episode 4
Wataru manages to book a joint training session with the all-women's cheerleading group of Meishiin University; the Dreamers. In order to make use of this session, the boys decide to learn a new move that would make Haruki question his position as a flyer. With a clear goal in mind, the members decide to name the club 'Breakers'.
5 "Let's Go Breakers!" August 2, 2016
Episode 5
It's their debut, and the club is practising at every spare moment to give a good first impression.
5.5 "The View We Seven Shared" August 9, 2016
Episode 5.5
A recap of Episodes 1 to 5, as well as the revision of basic cheerleading basics.
6 "Restart" August 16, 2016
Episode 6
After a successful debut, the Breakers have their hands full with training new recruits and dealing with their conflicting personalities. Meanwhile, their self-appointed coach pressures Sho to confront his painful past.
7 "Strain" August 23, 2016
Episode 7
Tempers run high as the newly recruited, no-nonsense Hisashi clashes with his teammates over their lack of skills and commitment.
8 "The Dawning of a Bond" August 30, 2016
Episode 8
As the Breakers struggle to perfect their routine for the qualifiers, they debate whether to add even more difficult stunts, and Hisashi threatens to quit the team altogether.
9 "Tears of the Sun" September 6, 2016
Episode 9
10 "What I Wanted To Tell You" September 13, 2016
Episode 10
11 "Bittersweet Valentine" September 20, 2016
Episode 11
12 "Cheer Boys!!" September 27, 2016
Episode 12